Windows XP SP3 Arrives on Automatic Updates

Windows XP Service Pack 3 hit the RTM milestone on April 21, 2008, was released unofficially on April 29, and then finally arrived on Windows Update and the Microsoft Download Center on May 6. When asked when automatic distribution would begin, Microsoft insisted on saying "early summer" while the community speculated various dates.

Over two months later, Microsoft has finally released the third (and probably last) service pack for Windows XP x86 via Automatic Updates (AU). XP users who have not yet manually chosen to download the service pack and who have their Windows Update set to "automatically download recommended updates for my computer and install them" will receive SP3 now that it has been marked by Microsoft as "Recommended." If you do not get SP3 automatically yet, don't sweat it. Microsoft has previously said that distribution through AU is done in a staggered manner so that the company's servers can handle the load. Those who still want to avoid the update without changing their Windows Update settings can use the Windows Service Pack Blocker Tool Kit.

The final build of SP3 (5512) reportedly includes 1,073 fixes, including every security update, out-of-band release, and hotfix released since Windows XP SP2 hit Microsoft's servers back in August 2004. Worth checking out are the SP3 release notes and the MUI pack. Also, make sure you know what to do with your version of Internet Explorer before installing the service pack.


YouTube Videos Coming to AdSense

According to early reports from the Associated Press and Variety, Google is set to make a major announcement tomorrow concerning YouTube integration with AdSense. Selected YouTube videos will be available to AdSense publishers and will appear wrapped in banner ads.

The AP offers auto websites selecting topical videos from YouTube about cars to run along with AdSense banner ads on their sites. If the report is correct, there's a whole lot of potential here. Though cynics have said that there's little hope for video outside YouTube, small video ad networks insist that there's a growing, thriving ecosystem of niche video sites just waiting for more and better content and ads.

Monetization of YouTube has always been the big question since Google Acquired the site. While other video hosting companies sought content first and then tried to build out their ad networks, it's only logical that the biggest online ad network in the world would fold the best content from the biggest video site in the world into its offerings. For more industry background see Liz Gannes's post at NewTeeVee.

Ads have been run along side a very select few user channels on the YouTube site for a handful of months but these reports indicate that the program will be made much wider and be taken off of the site all around the web. Google has run very limited video advertising already but nothing like what it could do with YouTube's huge catalog. The ads will be persistent banners outside the frame and fading in-frame overlays.

It's a simple story, but if it is true it is going to blow the world of online video and advertising wide open.

Update: Google has confirmed this: "AdSense isn't just for ads anymore; it's also a place to get video content for your site -- and earn extra revenue at the same time." There is an accompanying video:


How to Save Web Pages to Google Docs

You can now easily store web pages, images and other HTML content to Google Documents using gDocsBar - a recommended Firefox add-on for Google Docs users.

Google Docs maintains the original formatting of web pages and the hyperlinks very similar to Google Notebook or other web clipping software discussed before.

To save web pages in Google Docs, highlight the content with your mouse and drag that selection onto the gDocsBar window. Your web clipping will be saved as a new document in Google Docs.

GDocsBar 0.5.6 - Note that this method works only with websites and won’t allow you to save

clippings from Word Documents or PDF files onto Google Docs.

If you want to save web pages to Google Docs in IE, open a blank Google Document in a new tab and then drag-n-drop content from that webpage onto this Google document. Alternatively, you can do a simple copy paste. Thanks Webware.

save websites google docs


Convert PowerPoint Presentations to Video Files (with Sound)

PowerPoint to YouTube or iPod This step-by-step guide illustrates how to convert a PowerPoint slide-show into video so you can distribute presentations more easily:

1. You can upload these PowerPoint video files to sites like YouTube or MySpace and some of your creation could go viral.

2. Transfer the PowerPoint slides to an iPod or your mobile phone and enjoy the presentations while on the move.

3. If your slideshow is like a photo album with lot of images, convert the PowerPoint to video and burn onto a DVD - you can now watch the presentations on a large TV screen.

The possibilities are endless. PowerPoint files converted to video using this technique also preserve all the voice narrations. And as expected, the total cost is $0.

How to convert PowerPoint into Video for YouTube or iPod

All you need a copy of Microsoft PowerPoint (any version), the PPT file, a webcam or microphone (if you want to record audio) and Internet access. OK, let’s get started:


Step 1: Open your PPT presentation file inside PowerPoint and switch to Slide Show menu to setup the exact time duration for each slide. You have two choices here:

a) Use Record Narration if you want to include audio in your presentations. Record your voice as your move through the slides and say yes when you are prompted to save the changes.

b) Use Rehearse Timings for silent PowerPoint videos. This option lets you define how long a slide should display on the screen before the presentation move to the next slide.


Step 2: Now go to and upload the PPT file you saved in Step 1. AuthorStream is a PowerPoint hosting service where you can PPT files as large as 1 GB. It’s again a good service though not so popular as Slideshare.

Step 3: When you are done uploading the PPT file to the web, Author Stream will convert the PowerPoint file into a MPEG4 video (mp4) that can be directly uploaded to YouTube or you can watch it on an iPod.

download-ppt-video This process may take some time but you’ll get an email notification as soon as your PowerPoint video is ready for download from the web.

The conversion is not instant but definitely worth the wait. And the quality of video created from PPT files is brilliant.

There’s more - other than converting PPT to video, AuthorStream will also create a video podcast version of your presentation that can be directly imported into iTunes. This could a good opportunity for educators who have piles of PPT files on their computer that can be shared with the world.


Update: If you have the budget, you can use a screen recording application like Camtasia Studio to record PowerPoint presentations as video on your desktop.

Free screencasting software like Camstudio may also also record PPT playback but I think the above method is simpler as it takes care of conversion as well as video hosting.


FIFA 2008 Game for Nokia N-Series Phone for Free

nokia-nseries-football If you are based in Europe and own a Nokia N-Series mobile phone (like the N81, N82 or the N95), here’s a chance to grab the popular FIFA 08 mobile game for free.

Go to, install the N-Gage application on your phone and then download the FIFA 08 game.

If you already have the N-Gage app, here’s a direct link to download the game. Once the game is installed, you need to activate it using your mobile phone number.

Nokia users outside Europe may download the trial version here. Thanks Rob.


Teen Social Network myYearbook Raises $13 Million

It's no Facebook, but social site MyYearbook can still play with the popular kids: the site has announced $13 million in Series B venture funding. The round was led by Norwest Venture Partners with existing investors US Venture Partners and First Round Capital chipping in as well. Norwest's Sergio Monsalve has joined the site's board of directors.

Founded in 2005 when co-founder Catherine Cook was a sophomore in high school (the two other co-founders are her older brothers Dave and Geoff, who serves as CEO), MyYearbook focuses on a decidedly younger demographic than Facebook and even News Corp.'s MySpace, which is frequently considered to be a teen hub. The site currently has a major partnership, for example, with the Teen Choice Awards hosted by youth sensation Miley Cyrus. Not exactly a pick for the over-21 crowd.

With the new funding round, MyYearbook has raised $16.8 million total. The purpose for raising so much wasn't directly addressed by the site, with a release ambiguously saying that it will be used to "develop new services for its members and continue to drive revenue." Right now, per Hitwise, the site pulls in about 10 million unique visitors per month, and 2 billion page views. That's still small compared with Facebook and MySpace, but nothing to sneer at either.

Rumors swirled last year that the site was going to be acquired by InterActiveCorp; they weren't true, stemming from a misunderstanding after the site gave a "mock pitch" to IAC czar Barry Diller at a conference.


15 Useful and Free Windows Applications

15 applications I always had on my Windows computer.

  1. Open Office - is the leading open-source office software suite for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics, databases and more.
  2. IrfanView - is a very fast, small, compact and innovative freeware (for non-commercial use) graphic viewer for Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista.
  3. GIMP - is the GNU Image Manipulation Program. It is a freely distributed piece of software for such tasks as photo retouching, image composition and image authoring. It works on many operating systems, in many languages.
  4. AVG Antivirus - offers basic antivirus and antispyware protection for Windows available to download for free. Limited features, no support, for private and non-commercial use only.
  5. Spybot-S&D - detects and removes spyware. It can also clean usage tracks, an interesting function if you share your computer with other users and don’t want them to see what you have been working on. And for professional users, Spybot-S&D allows you to fix some registry inconsistencies and extended reports.
  6. CCleaner - a freeware system optimization and privacy tool. It removes unused files from your system - allowing Windows to run faster and freeing up valuable hard disk space.
  7. Process Explorer - The unique capabilities of Process Explorer make it useful for tracking down DLL-version problems or handle leaks, and provide insight into the way Windows and applications work.
  8. IZArc -the ultimate freeware archive utility supporting many archive formats like: 7-ZIP, A, ACE, ARC, ARJ, B64, BH, BIN, BZ2, BZA, C2D, CAB, CDI, CPIO, DEB, ENC, GCA, GZ, GZA, HA, IMG, ISO, JAR, LHA, LIB, LZH, MDF, MBF, MIM, NRG, PAK, PDI, PK3, RAR, RPM, TAR, TAZ, TBZ, TGZ, TZ, UUE, WAR, XXE, YZ1, Z, ZIP, ZOO.
  9. PuTTY - a client program for the SSH, Telnet and Rlogin network protocols.
  10. VLC media player - a highly portable multimedia player for various audio and video formats (MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DivX, mp3, ogg, …) as well as DVDs, VCDs, and various streaming protocols.
  11. CCCP - the full title is the Combined Community Codec Pack. Actually, it’s more like a filter pack than a codec pack but filter doesn’t begin with C and the authors wanted a good acronym.
  12. Firefox is created by an international movement of thousands, only a small percentage of whom are actual employees.
  13. Thunderbird - the ultimate open source email client
  14. Notepad++ - a free source code editor and Notepad replacement, which supports several programming languages, running under the MS Windows environment.
  15. Eclipse - an open source community whose projects are focused on building an open development platform comprised of extensible frameworks, tools and runtimes for building, deploying and managing software across the lifecycle. A large and vibrant ecosystem of major technology vendors, innovative start-ups, universities, research institutions and individuals extend, complement and support the Eclipse platform
If you know other free applications and you use them, please leave a comment and the link to them

Windows 7 Running on Dell Tablet PC : Video Demo

The Windows 7 user interface was demonstrated for the first time on 27th May at D6 Conference with Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer onstage. The news created enough buzz though this Windows Vista successor is not expected to ship anytime before 2010.

Watch this video demo of Windows 7 running on a Dell Latitude XT touch-screen tablet PC. It’s like having your own Microsoft Surface computer.

Video: Multi-Touch in Windows 7

Here’s another video Julie Larson Green from Microsoft giving a live demo of Windows 7 at the D6 conference.


MagicPad : Copy and Paste Finally Coming to the iPhone

opy and Paste has long been one of the most requested features on the iPhone, and its continued absence has been both frustrating and confusing for many. How can it be that the iPhone - running a finely tuned version of Mac OS X - is unable to perform functions that have been included in text editors since the 80’s?

MagicPad, a new application from Proximi that is currently waiting for approval on Apple’s App Store, is finally making copy and paste a reality on the iPhone. The application is essentially an improved version of “Notes”, and features rich text editing, allowing users to modify font type, size, and color. And best of all, it allows for copy and paste. Users need only drag their fingers over text to select it, and adjustments can then be made on a menubar that appears above the onscreen keyboard (see the video below).

Unfortunately, MagicPad isn’t going to bring true Copy-and-Paste to the iPhone, as there will be no way to copy text between applications (say, from Safari to the Mail client). You’ll be able to copy and paste between multiple notes within MagicPad, which will make it a step up from Notes, but in reality it serves as more of a proof of concept than a solution.

So when will we finally get true, systemwide, copy and paste? Earlier this month, Apple’s Greg Joswiak finally commented on the issue, explaining that it was on Apple’s to-do list but that it hasn’t been a priority. The lengthy wait is almost certainly due to issues with creating an intuitive interface for copy and paste on the iPhone’s buttonless touchscreen. MagicPad’s interface looks like it works well enough, but it takes up a large portion of screen real estate and is less elegant than what we’ll probably see from Apple.

You can see another proof-of-concept for copy and paste on the iPhone here.

Thanks to Apple iPhone Apps for the video.

First Look - MagicPad from Apple iPhone Apps on Vimeo.

China becomes w,n

Chinese net users, AP
A majority of Chinese net users go online via broadban

China now has the world's largest net-using population, say official figures.

More than 253 million people in the country are now online, according to statistics from the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC).

The figure is higher than the 223 million that the US mustered in June, according to Nielsen Online.

Net penetration in the US stands at 71% compared to 19% in China suggesting it will eventually vastly outstrip the US.

The development is significant because the US has had the largest net-using population since records of how many people were online started to be kept.

"This is the first time the number has drastically surpassed the United States, becoming the world's number one," said a statement from the CNNIC, the nation's official net monitoring body.

The 2008 figure is up 56% in a year, said CNNIC. Analysts expect the total to grow by about 18% per annum and hit 490 million by 2012.

About 95% of those going online connect via high-speed links. Take up of broadband has been boosted by deals offered by China's fixed line phone firms as they fight to win customers away from mobile operators.

China's mobile phone-using population stands at about 500 million people.

Despite having a greater number of people online, China's net economy still has a long way to go to match or exceed that of the US or even that of South Korea.

Figures from Analysys International said China's net firms reported total revenues of $5.9bn (£2.96bn) in 2007. By contrast net advertising revenue alone for US firms in 2007 stood at $21.2bn (£10.6bn).


Free Internet Calls: Make Calls Anywhere in the World for Free

In this 21st century, communication is the most important tool of human being. With the blessing of modern technology now people can make calls at any corner of the world with a great ease and sophistication. But while making a long-distance call people do worry about the high rate being charged by the service provider. In this modern age there is a solution too. That is the calls over the internet which is simply known as Internet calls.

Internet now becomes one of the most important and revolutionised communication technology. Now one can easily make internet telephone calls using the World Wide Web technology. This kind of telephone service is usually being the ideal choice for those people who uses to make huge number of international calls. To make Internet calls all one needs to have is a high speed Internet connection, multimedia computer, a sound card, speakers, and a microphone. For making a call there are some special software which are being used for setting up an Internet phone connection. For making Internet calls one just has to dial up in the same way which is used to make a call in a normal telephone. As it works through a computer the user gets the facility to use external speakers and microphone while making a call over the Internet.

Most people have their priority of saving money for making telephone calls. For them the best choice would nothing but the Internet calls. Nowadays one will find various Internet telephone service providers around the world which provides free internet calls. The service providers offer users an exceptionally cheaper calling rates than the normal telephone calls. Sometimes they do offer absolutely free international calls to the users. The services offered by the companies include unlimited PC to phone calling and so on.

They use a DSL or broadband connection with a broadband enabled phone adopter which is plugged directly into a router or modem. After doing so the user will be able to connect his existing phone to the adopter and then he will be able to enjoy making free Internet calls. Though for the calls on the Internet the charges are not dependent on the distance, service providers charges a flat fixed rate for the use of bandwidth. But the thing required for making a call over the Internet is the same compatible software to both the communicators.

Usually the regular telephone service providers do charge a higher amount for providing the basic telephone services where users will not get the additional features like call waiting, voice mail and three-way calling. Whereas, the user will get all the basic features of a normal telephone plus lots of additional features through the Internet telephone calls by paying a less amount of money than the regular telephone. After all, as the calls over Internet reduces the costs of communications, nowadays many individuals and businesses are going for this system worldwide.

The VoIP technology is being used to make free calls. By using this technology one will be able to make calls while surfing the Internet. Internet calls becomes relatively cheap than the normal phones. The user will also get his existing PSTN phone number if the service provider has this facility. Usually, a VoIP service provider is a telecommunications company which handles the technical aspects of the Internet and the calls through the Internet, in addition provides the interconnection between VoIP and PSTN networks. Under the VoIP technology the internal calls are being transmitted as data on your company network. On the other hand the external calls are being transmitted through the network to a gateway which in turn connects to a public telephone network.

For the plethora of features offer by the Internet telephony and as it saves the cost of telephone calls millions of people across the world are now switching over to calling through IP telephony.

Elcomp India 2008 - 4th International Exhibition & Conference

Show Organizer (s)?

Exhibitions India Pvt. Ltd.

Event Date (s): Sep 10, 2008 - Sep 12, 2008
Hours: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
Venue: Pragati Maidan Exhibition Center
Address: Pragati Maidan, New Delhi
No. of Exhibitors: 400 , History Record: 334(in 2007)
No. of Attendees: 10000 , History Record: 7138(in 2007)
Exhibition Floor Size: (sqm) 3000 , History Record: 2040(in 2007)

Phone: 91 - 11 - 42795000
Fax: 91 - 11 - 42795098/99

Products and Services Focus

Computer Technology , Computer Hardware , Electronic Components , Electronic Assemblies , Electronic Systems , Semiconductor Technology , Optoelectronics , Microelectronics , Cables , Production Technology and raw materials.


ELOCMP? India 2008: Showcasing the Electronic Hardware Industry-From Design to Manufacturing For the fourth year running, the entire electronics industry from electronic components to EMS to PCB's to SMT equipments and suppliers will combine to create ELCOMP India 2008. Over the last three years, ELCOMP India show has established itself as the ultimate platform bringing together domestic and international players to showcase their products, explore new business opportunities and establish long-term partnerships. Co-located with ELCOMP India 2008, Embedded India 2008 will be a pavilion dedicated for the international embedded community in India. Embedded technologies are in all segments including automotive, telecommunications, industrial and consumer electronics, military systems or aerospace. Another value add to ELCOMP India 2008, would be Sensor and Test India 2008. This would be the first of its kind meeting-place for global and Indian companies involved in manufacturing, trading and technology of sensor, testing and measuring equipments.

General Information

For the fourth year running, the entire electronics industry from electronic components to EMS to PCB's to SMT equipments and suppliers will combine to create ELCOMP India 2008. Over the last three years, ELCOMP India show has established itself as the ultimate platform bringing together domestic and international players to showcase their products, explore new business opportunities and establish long-term partnerships

Attendee Information?

Home appliances, Computer& IT systems, Medical Electronics, Defence/Strategic Electronics, Office Automation, Automobile Electronics, Sub-assembly/Production, Government / R&D Organizations, Contract Manufacturing.


Apple Hiring iPhone Hackers

Apple has posted a job opportunity for a position it calls “iPhone Security Engineer.” An “exceptional individual” will get the chance to “have a major impact on Apple’s embedded operating system products,” according to the job posting.

Job requirements and useful experience include “passion for developing “proof of concept attacks, industry exposure to and knowledge of OS security and UNIX internals” and “involvement in reverse engineering and security communities.”

The company appears to be taking seriously recent criticisms of its nonchalance toward patching iPhone security holes and its less-than-full-embrace by the enterprise community.


Google Index Reaches 1 Trillion URLs

Three years after Google (NSDQ: GOOG) declared that its index was three times larger than any other search engine and then declined to cite a specific number to support that claim, it was widely believed that Google had tired of index one-upmanship and that it would no longer be measuring its index.

Well, Google has its yardstick in hand once again.

Two Google engineers on Friday said that Google's index of the Web now contains 1 trillion unique URLs.

That's a lot of URLs. However, there's a lot of chaff in there. Consider that "Google" alone returns 2,740,000,000 Google search results, "Yahoo" returns 2,930,000,000, and "eBay" returns 1,080,000,000. Add up the number of results generated by searching for the top 100 keywords and you'd have a significant fraction of 1 trillion.

In 1998, when Google opened for business, it had 26 million URLs. By 2000, it had reached 1 billion. In 2005, Google claimed it had more than 8 billion Web pages in its index, at least until it took the index count off its home page. In 2008, Google's measure of the Web is 1 trillion Web pages.

So it appears that Google's index is exploding with new Web pages. From 2000 to 2005, Google's index grew by a factor of 8. From 2005 to 2008, it grew by a factor of 125.

There you have evidence of the information explosion that Google and other companies are trying to fight through the Information Overload Research Group.


Google software engineers Jesse Alpert and Nissan Hajaj admit that they don't really know how many unique Web pages there are. And they acknowledge that Web URLs are essentially infinite because dynamic page generation for things like future calendar months means there's always another page to crawl. "But we're proud to have the most comprehensive index of any search engine," they say in a blog post.

So forget the math. The numbers are too slippery. Really, this is about bragging rights.


Microsoft trueSpace: Free Alternative to 3ds Max, Google Sketchup

3d software

trueSpace is a 3D modeling and animation software for Windows that lets you create realistic 3D scenes from scratch, walk-throughs, games, etc. You can also import characters created in other software like AutoCAD, 3ds Max, Adobe Illustrator, etc.

trueSpace used to sell for $600 but then Microsoft acquired the company and released trueSpace as a free download probably in response to SketchUp that’s owned by Google.


The idea is to let users create building and landscapes for Virtual Earth just like one can use SketchUp to create 3D models for Google Earth (SketchUp review).

If you are from the education community, you’ll especially love trueSpace for simulations.

Like with any other 3D authoring software, there’s a steep learning curve involved with trueSpace but if you are looking for a good alternative to 3DS Max or Blender, Microsoft trueSpace is available at a price that may be hard to beat.


Create an easy-access keyboard-shortcut list

If I could remember any, I would begin this post with an anecdote about how wonderful a good memory can be.

Instead, I'll just tell you how to put all your keyboard shortcuts and Windows commands in a text file that you can open quickly via keystrokes, or keep minimized for even faster access. And you can do it all without grabbing your mouse.

Start by finding a list of keyboard shortcuts. The one Microsoft put together works for me. Select all the text on the page from "General keyboard shortcuts" to just above "Other information." Press Ctrl-C to copy the text to the clipboard. (That's one of the few shortcuts I can actually remember.)

Open Notepad by pressing the Windows key (or Ctrl-Esc) and N. You can also open it by pressing the Windows key and R (if necessary), typing notepad.exe, and pressing Enter.

Press Ctrl-V to paste the plain text into a blank file, and type Alt-F, A to open the Save As dialog box. Give the file a name--"shortcuts.txt" works for me. Just be sure to use the ".txt" file extension and save the file to your desktop or some other location that's easy to access.

Keyboard-shortcuts text file

Save a list of keyboard shortcuts as a text file for easy access.

(Credit: Microsoft)

Now open the file in Notepad and either make the Notepad window inconspicuous so it doesn't block your work apps, or keep it minimized and Alt-Tab to Notepad when you need to refer to the file. To move or resize the Notepad window (without using your mouse, of course), press Alt-spacebar, S, and then use the arrow keys to adjust the window size.

If you need to create a custom keyboard shortcut to open Notepad, press the Windows key and use the arrow and Enter keys to navigate to the Notepad shortcut on the Start menu (All Programs > Accessories > Notepad). Press the context-menu--which is sometimes called the application key--and then type R. (Note that Shift-F10 opens this menu in some applications.)

Use the Tab and arrow keys to navigate to the Shortcut keyboard text box under the Shortcut tab. Type the keystroke combination of your choice (Ctrl-Alt-N is one possibility), and press Enter.

Add Windows' commands to the list
Be sure to add your custom keyboard shortcuts to your shortcuts.txt file. While you have the file open, add all those commands you always forget about when you want to use Windows' command line to open a program or system tool. Microsoft provides a list of commands to open Control Panel applets.


Keyboard Shortcuts In Orkut.

This user script gives us the option to use keyboard shortcuts for orkut, spicing up the orkutting experience. Just wonder where ever you are on orkut, just a ctrl+shift+s would open your scrapbook.
Now, Here are the keyboard shortcuts you can use :
1. Home : Ctrl + Shift + H
2. Scrapbook : Ctrl + Shift + S
3. Communities : Ctrl + Shift + C
4. Friends : Ctrl + Shift + F
5. Edit Profile : Ctrl + Shift + E

Requirements :


Install Script


Watch DivX Hollywood/Bollywood movies online for free

In the mood to watch a full movie online for free? You can use to watch Hollywood, Hindi, Anime, Cartoons, TV Shows, Music videos, Documentaries, and foreign movies streaming online with subtitles for free! The site does not actually host any videos itself, but instead bookmarks videos from the site Stage6, which is a video sharing site like YouTube, but for high resolution DivX videos.


In order to watch the videos on, you will need to install the DivX plugin from Stage6. Of course, since some stuff may by copyrighted, Stage6 will remove it and it may not work on this site. However, from playing around with it, all of the movies I’ve played so far work fine. The resolution in very high and you can even watch them full screen.

It doesn’t have the latest movies or anything like that, but if you’re in the mood for Casino (1995), The Man Who Knew Too Much (1934), Psycho (1960), or Schindler’s List, then this is the place to go. Also, I liked their selection of Bollywood movies and comedy/stand-up videos.

You can also download the videos to your computer if you life. And if you know how to create DivX files, you can upload them yourself by creating an account on Stage6. Of course, you can also go to Stage6 itself and watch a host of other high resolution movies and videos there.


Stage6 has many more categories and allows for search by tags or lookup through “channels”, such as Anime, move trailers, music videos, etc. Using Stage6, you can download videos for playback on your computer, TV, or portable media player like the iPod, etc. Lots of free video at very high quality! Enjoy!


Working Proxies for Orkut, Myspace, Facebook etc!

Dear Readers Below are some proxy websitesites from where u can open Orkut, Myspace, Facebook etc! if ur office have Firewall Security enable.

Eenjoy & give me a reply by comments weather u can able to connect through these Proxy Websites.


Firefox 3, 30+ Must Have Extensions ........

I ’ve put together a list of 30+ must-have Firefox 3 extensions that we know you’ll enjoy, whether you’ve upgraded to Firefox 3 and are looking for something new to add to your browser, or have yet to make the upgrade and are looking for a reason.It Includes from useful tools to Socialbookmarking and more.Let me know which extensions are your favorites.

ColorfulTabs - Having too many tabs open can lead to a lot of confusion, but this extension will assign your tabs different colors so you can tell them apart easier.

    Colorful Tabs

Adblock Plus - The popular, yet controversial extension has been updated to work with the latest version of the browser, and it’s still doing what it does best: blocking ads.

ChatZilla - Add an IRC client to your browser so you can chat in it directly without having to open any other applications.
ColorZilla - An extremely handy tool for Web developers to let them see the RGB and Hex values of any color on a Web page. Toolbar - Quickly add bookmarks to your account, edit tags and access your account.

Digg - Lets you know if the page you are viewing has been dugg, how many it has received, recent comments and more.

DownThemAll - A popular extension that assists you in downloading multiple files from a page with just a few clicks.

Facebook Toolbar - Gives you notifications of new mail and pokes on your Facebook account.

Firebug - A mainstay of the developer community, Firebug strips down Web pages quickly and lets you work on JAVA, HTML, CSS and more, directly inside the browser.

FireGestures - Use five different mouse gestures to control various functions of Firefox.

Flagfox - See a flag in the status bar that tells you what country the server is in for the website you are on. You can then look up more detailed information on the server, giving you some extra security in case the site is a fake.

FlashBlock - Annoyed with Flash animations that play on sites when you launch them? FlashBlock will stop them from playing.

Foxmarks - Have more than one computer? Then you have to have Foxmarks. It synchronizes your bookmarks across multiple computers and gives you access to them via their website.

FoxyTunes - Gives you control over multiple media players directly from your browsers to save you the effort of changing windows.

Forecastfox - Weather forecasts brought to you by the people at

Google Toolbar - Gives you the ability to search Google from a toolbar, access to your mail, auto fill forms and several other features.

Greasemonkey - Greasemonkey is the necessary extension to run the ceaseless stream of Greasmonkey scripts that allow you to customize sites from Facebook to Gmail.

GSpace - Gmail gives you nearly 7 GB of free storage. With Gspace, you can turn some or all of that into free online storage of files that you can access from anywhere.

IETab - Sometimes you just have to look at some things in Internet Explorer due to coding issues. Well, using a tab inside of Firefox is a far sight better than having to open up IE itself.

MeasureIt - An extension perfect for designers that allows you to measure the dimensions of any section of a page to figure out how much real-estate it is occupying.

Meebo - Gives you a sidebar with all of your buddies from the various instant messenger services that Meebo supports such as AIM and MSN.

NoScript - An important extension in your security arsenal as it prevents scripts from running in the background of a website without your express permission.

QuickRestart - One of the most annoying things about adding a new extenstion to Firefox is the down time while it restarts the browser to work properly. This extension speeds up the process.

Reload Every - Allows you to set your tabs to reload every few seconds or minutes, handy for sites like Twitter.

Sage-Too - A lightweight RSS reader you can integrate into your browser.

StumbleUpon Toolbar - Allows you to stumble pages from a convenient toolbar, add comments, view what has been said and more.

TwitterFox - A Twitter client that resides down in your status bar.

Update Notifier - You’ve been adding all these extensions, but it’s easy to forget to check to see when they’ve been updated. This puts the notifications out front where it’s easy to keep track of them.

Video DownloadHelper - Assists you in finding and downloading videos from over 500 websites all over the world.

WebMail Notifier - Get notifications of new email in your status bar for services such as Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo Mail and more.


Download Videos from YouTube,MySpace,Google and Popular Video Sharing Sites..

Here comes Hack to Download videos from video sharing sites like YouTube, Google Videos, etc.Moreover it comes with a Button to make it further simple.Just drag-n-drop it to your browser’s toolbar and click on it to download videos you are watching! You don’t need to type Anything.

>How-To Use

There are 2 ways!

First simply copy the link (URL) of the page with the video on it and paste it in a field provided at

KeepVid’s Homepage!

The other way is for people who are addicted to download videos,like me

Keep It!

  1. Just Drag above bookmarklet on Browse Toolbar! It will create an entry named “Keep It” on bookmark toolbar.
  2. Next time yo are visiting any video page from youtube, Google Video or any other service just click the “Keep It”.
  3. You will directly taken to the keepvid page with download link!


AnyTV - Watch TV online without TV Tuner card

AnyTV is a free software program that claims that you will be able to watch over 2,620 TV programs on your computer while connected to the Internet. In addition they toss out that some 4,750 radio stations can be listened to as well and another 6,910 video clips can be viewed also. With this in mind, I decided to give AnyTV a try. On their site they state:

Watch news, entertainment, documentaries, music, sports, shopping, languages, cartoons, learning, culture, religious channels, live cameras etc .. from all over the world. Get immediate access to thousands of free streaming Internet TV channels, Online Radios.

anyTV is a completly FREE Software. It contains absolutely NO ADWARE, NO SPYWARE, NO REGISTRATION, NO POPUPS, NO MALWARE or other unwanted software.

The channels are constantly updated to bring you up-to-date channel list. You can filter channels by genre, country, bitrate or content. Set up a favorites list for quick access to your favorite Radio/TV/Video channels online. Watch in regular or full-screen mode. anyTV supports both Windows Media & RealVideo. Channels from more than 100 countries.

The download is small. Only 757kb. There is no information in the FAQ section so you are on your own figuring out how to use the software. In theory the program promises that you will be able to watch a lot of TV. But in reality I wasn’t able to do this at all. I finally got two TV stations working properly, but they were in a foreign language and I didn’t have a clue as to what I was watching.

AnyTV software is located here.

Use the iPhone 3G as a 3G+ modem

here’s a tutorial about tethering the iPhone 3G to a laptop. Before you start to implement it, remember that this might be against your use license agreement with AT&T, which could add charges, cancel your account and potentially do many more painful things in retaliation – or they may do nothing at all, we just don’t know. Here’s the overview on how to proceed:

  • Jailbreak your iPhone 3G
  • Install 3Proxy and Terminal
  • Create an ad-hoc Wi-fi network using your laptop
  • Join the network with your iPhone
  • Find the iPhone's IP address
  • Open Terminal and run the proxy program
  • Open Safari on your iPhone and open a web page
  • Configure your browser to use the proxy

Visit to get the full step-by-step instructions. and of course, test the speeds on DSLreport for mobiles and let us know how fast it is!


Identify Software Programs & Hardware Devices That Work (or Don’t Work) with Windows Vista

vista-compatible Microsoft has long offered desktop tools to help you check compatibility of existing software programs and hardware devices with Windows Vista.

For instance, you could run the Upgrade Advisor on an XP computer to know if that old machine can afford to run Vista. The problem is that you can check Vista compatibility of only installed software or hardware that’s already attached to the computer.

How do you know if that printer & scanner lying in the basement would work with Vista. Or will that old copy of Photoshop install successfully on your new Windows Vista computer?


Rather than hunting for this information on web forums and manufacturer websites, check the all-new Compatibility Center - a central database of hardware devices & software programs along with their current Vista compatibility status.

You could check compatibility of mobile phones and digital cameras with Windows Vista. Some screenshots.


In case a product is not compatible with Windows Vista (like Photoshop 7), there’s a link to the developer’s website (in this case, Adobe) for getting further information. Overall, a pretty useful tool.


How Reliable is Windows Vista on your PC


Hacking Windows Xp

Hacking Windows Xp - The funniest videos are a click away

READ ME!!! Think Before You Comment. I am not responsible for any damage to your computers, but i a sure it is all safe. Before anyone makes comments, this is not real hacking just some cool tricks. In this video ill be showing you how to make your start menu faster and how to make some little viruses, ill even show you how to make a folder invisible and how to make a web page your desktop background. If you are having problems with folder, and u got a laptop u need to hold Fn and press Numlk, once you done that u need to hold alt + m,j,o,m. If u are using a normal key board is should be just (alt+ 0,1,6,0).

Google NoteBook

Once again Google shock me with new idea. You can access your favorites links anywhere in the world and they are just on one click , no more complication.

Clip information with a single click.
Quickly add clippings of web content (images, text and links) straight to your notebook by highlighting the content you want and clicking the “Clip” button in the mini Google Notebook.

Take a tour

Microsoft Referrals for Windows Live Toolbar and OneCare

Google will end their AdSense Referrals program next month - this will even apply to software programs like Firefox and the Google Pack that convert fairly well on technology & software related websites.

If you are looking for alternatives to AdSense Referrals, try Microsoft Affiliate. This is much like the AdSense Referrals program though limited to two products - Windows Live Toolbar and OneCare, an anti-virus software from Microsoft.

Windows Live Toolbar is free and Microsoft will pay you $1 for every successful installation on a computer based in US. You can promote the Toolbar on your blog either through banner ads or regular text links.

In the case of Windows Live OneCare, you get paid $3 for every download completed on a computer that’s located either in Canada or US.

The difference between Amazon Affiliates and Microsoft Affiliates is that the former will pay you a commission per sale while Microsoft pays per unique download of the trial software that may or may not convert into a sale.

Windows Live OneCare - Sample Banner Ad

To get started, fill this form. A Microsoft representative will contact you the next day if the application gets approved. Then integrate the referral code in your website.


iPhone 2.0 unlock tool close to release

The iPhone Dev Team is close to releasing a free software tool designed to unlock the iPhone 3G, or an iPhone running Software version 2.0.

The team last week managed to break its way into the new software hours before it was officially launched. And, while the developers did say that unlocking the device was a hard task, they're now sufficiently familiar with the software that future versions should be easier to build.

The team aim to create solutions hackers can use if they want to use the iPhone on unapproved networks (albeit for slight loss of facility) and/or in order to install non-Apple approved applications on the device.

Last night, the iPhone Dev Team released a video showing the software in action, unlocking an iPhone, suggesting imminent release of the tookit, called iPhone Pwnage.

"We've added lots of new features, including 2.0 support, spotlight file indexing of .ipsws, canned web-searches, installer custom configuration, custom root partitions and various other things that you'll see on the release. Release date is soon," the developers wrote.


How To Remove SpyWare, AdWare Clean and Fix Windows

Recently my company gave me a laptop to use for work. It was riddled with SpyWare and AdWare. The instant I fired up IE the Virus and SpyWare would trigger up and redirect me to some random ad laden web page requesting me to download even more SpyWare. Since reinstalling the OS was not an option I had to clean up the system on my own somehow. I am listing a bunch of software that you’ll need before we proceed.

  1. Avast or AVG (Get the Free Versions)
  2. AdAware (Get the free Version)
  3. CCleaner
  4. AutoRuns
  5. ProcessExplorer
  6. FireFox

Update Window

The first step is to make sure your windows is updated with the latest security patches and fixes. If you are running Windows XP make sure you have installed Service Pack 2. Once you are done installing service pack 2 you should run Windows update and get the latest patches. Another alternative is to use AutoPatcher this is a utility which will download all the required patches and security fixes from Microsoft and store it in a folder on your system which you can later reuse to apply to other computers that you need to update.

Run A Full Scan Using AntiVirus and AntiSpyware Softwares.

There are a number of free AntiVirus software I have for now listed two of them. Virus can do all sorts of weird things to your computer. For example on my laptop the virus disabled the “View Hidden Files” option, even though I checked the option it would reset it back, it also set a number of scheduled tasks in my Task Scheduler to call a number of different copies of the Virus. Run a full scan of the system. Next run a Anti-SpyWare software I highly recommend AdAware.

Clean Up Your Start Up Items.

Most SpyWare and Virus configure your start up items to run the Virus when you boot up or log into your system. Use the MsConfig tool in windows to check which items are being loaded at start up. If you see any suspicious looking entries uncheck them also identify which file is being called and manually delete it. Sometime this might not work like in my case I had to log into widows using safe mode (When Windows is booting up press F8 you will see an option to load windows under safe mode) and delete the offending file. Use the process explorer tool to see if the processing running on your system are all legitimate. Also use AutoRuns to delete any entries that look suspicious especially DLL that are unsigned and have random looking names.

Clean Up And Optimise Your System.

There are a number of tools that can clean your system of unwanted and unused temporary files and registry entries. One of the best tools that I have found so far is CCleaner which provides a number of advanced options to clean up your system. Try to keep the number of items that start up when you boot the system to a minimum.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure.

Better safe than sorry. Ditch IE period and get FireFox. Run an Anti-Virus software and do a full scan periodically. Also do a full Anti-SpyWare scan periodically. Also scan external drives like thumb drives and external hard disk when you connect it to the computer.


How to Secretly Access Digg Without Letting Anyone Know

digg-logoLike to know a secret way to browse Digg during office hours with letting your boss know about it. You can apply the same trick to access Digg when the site has been blocked by your school authorities.

OK, the secret sauce lies here - and – these are like Digg mirrors on the same web server that hosts the actual websites.

Now if you cannot access Digg stories from a computer or would like to secretly access them without letting the IT department know about it, just replace the word digg in the URL with evercleancanada or tmpnetwork. Here’s an example:


These web pages are exact copies of each other but in the last two cases, the images, javascript and css files are served from or instead of so the server logs in your office won’t know what you did on Digg.

Related: Prevent Boss From Snooping On Your Google Search Queries


Amazon S3 Simple Storage Service - Everything You Wanted to Know

amazons-s3-logo Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) is an easy and inexpensive Internet hard-drive from Amazon Web Services (AWS) with absolutely no limits.

Now some people assume that Amazon S3 is a storage service meant primarily for web start-ups who store data in-the-cloud but that’s not correct because just about anyone (home users included) can benefit from S3.

For instance, you may backup your large music collection or even your entire computer hard-drive on S3. Similarly, bloggers can use Amazon S3 to store web images without worrying too much about their bandwidth bills.

If you never had a chance to explore Amazon S3 before, read the following guide that makes S3 simple even for non-geeks. It has all the information and tools you would need to quickly get started with Amazon S3.

amazon-aws-secret-keyThe Basic Requirements:

To use Amazon S3 service, you’ll need an Amazon account (yes, it’s free; you pay only if you buy something from them) and an Amazon AWS S3 account.

Now go to AWS Access Key Identifiers and generate a unique Access Key ID + Secret Access Key pair that is required for using Amazon S3.

Upload & Manage Files on Amazon S3

Now that you have all the basic things in place, it’s time to explore tools uploading and managing files on Amazon S3.

amazon-explorer Amazon S3Fox - Perhaps the simplest of all, this Firefox add-on provides an FTP like interface (Windows Explorer) to upload and manage files on S3. This is recommended if you are uploading a small batch of files as S3Fox may have issues with long queues.

S3 Backup (Windows) - This is a free and simple tool for uploading or downloading files from S3 - just pick a file or a folder on the local hard drive to put it to S3. You can even set batch file attributes to bunch of files or folders.

s3-transmit-panicTransmit (Mac): Transmit for Mac is a popular FTP client for Mac OS X that sells for around $30 but the tool may be worth every penny - it lets you upload, download and manage your online Amazon S3 storage like a native Mac app.

Jungle Disk - This is available for Mac, Windows, Linux and there’s also a portable version for your USB computer. Jungle Disk will set you back by $20 per license but that includes all three platforms and they also provide a web interface to manage your files on S3.

junglediskJungle Disk has a useful “Automatic Backup” features that will backup files and folders from your local hard drive onto Amazon S3 automatically. Thus it can be used as a decent alternative to online backup services like Mozy, Carbonite, etc.

Note: There really isn’t a thing called ‘folders’ per se on the S3 but that is the topic of another day. For now, just assume that you can create ‘folders’ and have files inside them.

WordPress plugin - This comes handy if you to stores files on Amazon S3 rather than using the default “uploads folder” of WordPress।


Once the WordPress S3 plugin is installed and activated, you’ll see an extra icon (storage cylinder) in your “Add Media” Bar. This will allow you to upload files to your Amazon S3 account and can be used inside the Wordpress interface.


Sony’s OLED - Future of HDTV?

LCD, Plasma, DLP… many different technologies and iterations of television technology have come up and just as they begin to become affordable it seems like something bigger and better is right on the horizon. The next generation of high definition looks to belong to Laser and most notably, LED, technology, with a wide range of benefits such as:

  • 3mm thickness… thats thin folks, not a typo!
  • 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio… compare to 50,000:1 on 2008 LCD tvs

  • Huge power consumption improvements
  • Major improvements in image smoothing / fast action reproduction
  • More vivid and pure color simulation

Paper thin and will cost you tons of paper… keep out of reach of rambunctious children!

Sony Oled Profile view

Sony Oled Profile view

Here’s a quick little video showing off Sony’s ‘OLED’ television being developed and prepared for mass market distribution in the coming months / years। Notice the contrast, color, and especially size (3mm folks, thats crazy!) of this soon to be popular gadget!


One of my favourite new utilities!

Just wanted to quickly one of the handiest utilities I’ve found in the last several years. It’s called KeePass Password Safe. Yes, a password manager.

Years ago I always looked at utilities like these with a dubious eye. They seemed like such a great way to lose all your passwords for everything at the same time. Instead of some hacker getting a few random cookies, or a password here and there, you make it easy for them by offering a centralized repo!

My attitude changed slightly a few months ago when I started working for a new company. The other admins there both used KeePass, and swore by it. Initially scoffing, I quickly realized what a boon it was to our security.

Instead of choosing easy to guess semi-dictionary based passwords, they would use KeePass to generate cryptic 150+ bit passwords for everything. Mere mortals had no hope of memorizing these things. So I switched, and was quickly impressed.

You can categorize your passwords, associate usernames and links, add comments, even set up schedules to expire the passwords on. There’s version of Windows, OSX, and Linux I believe, so its fairly portable.

Definitely worth checking out. Find it here.


A 39 megapixel for professional photographers

Hasselblad, a Scandinavian company recently launched the latest line of its high end H3D-II digital SLR full frame camera, a 39-megapixel model, the H3D-39II. Also debuting are the H3D-31II and the H3D-22II with 31 and 22 megapixels, respectively. It has full digital lens line and the choice of 22, 31 or 39Mp capture units using CCD image sensors up to 48 x 36 mm – the largest currently available and more than twice the size of even the largest 35mm camera sensors – the H3D-II now has a large, bright 3in display, which affords both improved viewing of captured images and lower power consumption.

Hasselblad A/S has developed, manufactured and delivered the very best in high-end camera systems for over 50 years. Hasselblad continues to pursue its founder’s philosophy of combining the most advanced technology available with a passion for photography to give professional photographers the best possible tools to capture the best possible images.

The H3D-II is available immediately worldwide through Hasselblad’s national subsidiaries and channel partners with a retail price of €26,500 ($34,000) for the H3D-39II, €21,500 ($27,000) for the H3D-31II, and €17,900 ($25,000) for the H3D-22II, excluding tax.

Heres a video on the basic Features