Get one phone number for all your phones

This site brings you a new way to use your mobile phones and promises that you will never miss a call you want to take and also never take a call you surely want to miss!
simply sign up for a free account in grandcentral and get one, unified new phone number. When people contact this new number, it will automatically ring all your phones at the same time, allowing you to pick up all your calls wherever you are.

Using the same service you could also Customized Greetings - record custom greetings for friends, families, business, and romantic partners. CallSwitch - switch a call between any of your phones irrespective of phone providers. Centralized Voicemails - captures all voicemails in one location and accessible via phone or Web. RingShare - play a music while callers are waiting for your pick up. ListenIn on Your Callers - listen to callers first and decide if you want to take a call or not. Record Your Calls - press 4 and your call will be recorded.. etc..

The theme of this company is simplicity. Even though we have landlines for work and home plus 2-3 mobile phones, it is not a guarantee that we will not miss any calls. In fact, checking different answering machines and voicemail messages prove to be very taxing at times. So heres' the solution..


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