Get Paid To Share Photos and Images

Would you like to get paid for sharing your photos or images with your friends? Or get paid every time someone views your pics? Or someone clicks on your photos? if yes.. well in that case I have some good news for you. Photrade is a new company in beta which pays all its publishers to publish images all over the web. And getting registed is very easy, just follow the below mentioned steps...

Sign Up (If you have invitation of course as you can’t signup in any other way)
Upload Your Photos
Get the code (Different codes for different type of sites like blogs , forums etc)
Get Paid in PayPal
Basically they pay per CPM so once you have had 1000 views you will get paid (how much you will get depends on the niche of your images as you will add tags for those)

By the way here is a sample of how a photo would look like.. Way to go photrade..

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