One of my favourite new utilities!

Just wanted to quickly one of the handiest utilities I’ve found in the last several years. It’s called KeePass Password Safe. Yes, a password manager.

Years ago I always looked at utilities like these with a dubious eye. They seemed like such a great way to lose all your passwords for everything at the same time. Instead of some hacker getting a few random cookies, or a password here and there, you make it easy for them by offering a centralized repo!

My attitude changed slightly a few months ago when I started working for a new company. The other admins there both used KeePass, and swore by it. Initially scoffing, I quickly realized what a boon it was to our security.

Instead of choosing easy to guess semi-dictionary based passwords, they would use KeePass to generate cryptic 150+ bit passwords for everything. Mere mortals had no hope of memorizing these things. So I switched, and was quickly impressed.

You can categorize your passwords, associate usernames and links, add comments, even set up schedules to expire the passwords on. There’s version of Windows, OSX, and Linux I believe, so its fairly portable.

Definitely worth checking out. Find it here.

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