Configuring Microsoft Outlook for Gmail POP3 Access

follow these steps to configure Gmail and Outlook account use:

  1. In the Outlook main menu, click Tools, then E-mail Accounts. This launches the E-mail Accounts wizard.
  2. Select Add a new e-mail account, then click Next.
  3. Select POP3, then click Next.

  4. Enter your Gmail account information here for Outlook 2003.

  5. Enter your name (as you want it to appear in the From field of messages) into the Your Name field.
  6. Enter your full Gmail email address, which is your username followed by "", in the E-mail Address field.
  7. Enter your Gmail username in the User Name field.
  8. Enter your Gmail password in the Password field.
  9. Enter "" in the Incoming mail server (POP3) field.
  10. Enter "" in the Outgoing mail server (SMTP) field.
  11. Click More Settings to open the Internet E-mail Settings dialog box.
  12. Click the Outgoing Server tab.
  13. Set the My outgoing server requires authentication check box.
  14. Select Use same settings as my incoming mail server.
  15. Click the Advanced tab.
  16. Under Incoming server (POP3), set the This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL) check box.
  17. Under Outgoing server (SMTP), set the This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL) check box.
  18. Change the number in the Outgoing server (SMTP) field to 465, then click OK.
  19. Click Test Account Settings. After a moment you should see a message that says all tests were completed successfully. If not, go back to the start of this procedure and check your work.
  20. Once you see the success message, click Next then Finish.
That's the last step in the procedure to configure Outlook for Gmail. Now you can use the CTRL-1 keyboard shortcut to go to the Mail view.

Next press F9 to send and receive all mail. This downloads messages from Gmail. Seeing them in the Inbox will show that you were able to successfully configure Gmail as an Outlook email account.

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