EasyVoipRecorder - Record Your Skype, Gtalk, MSN and Yahoo Conversations

EasyVoipRecorder - The Easiest Way to Record Your Skype, Gtalk, MSN and Yahoo ConversationsEasyVoipRecorder is a small software which allows you record VOIP clients conversations.

With this tool you can record and store MSN Live, Gtalk (Google Talk), Skype, Yahoo Messenger, VoipCheap, VoipStunt, VoipBuster, VoipBuster Pro, 12Voip, X-LITE 3.0, Globe7, VoipWise, VoipRaider, VoipDiscount , Net2phone, JustVoip, Freecall, Nonoh, SipDiscount, InternetCalls, WebCalldirect, PoivY and LowRateVoip conversations.

EasyVoipRecorder has a very simple interface and it's really easy to record, store, organize and share your voip calls.

EasyVoipRecorder Features :

EasyVoipRecorder - The Easiest Way to Record Your Skype, Gtalk, MSN and Yahoo Conversations* Records any kind of VoIP conversations (PC-to-PC, PC-to-phone conversations)
* No out of sync problem. Dual channel recording.
* Save your voice and your partner's voice in separated channels.
* Save VoIP records in WAV/OGG/MP3/SPEXX (Stereo/Mono)
* Easily convert your voip recordings into different formats.
* Easily search and play your recordings. Using the EasyVoipRecorder Dashboard.
* Share you conversation with your partners, friends and family. (Automatic Upload)
* Upload onto our website and post a link to share with your friends.
* Easy integration with your existing VoIP application.

Why do you need to record a Voip conversation?

* Convert a VoIP conversation into a podcast. (podcasting)
* Share your conversation with your friends or customers.
* Keep track of your business conversations.
* Keep your family conversations forever.
* Hear the conversation whenever you want.
* Index the conversation and take notes. Transcript the conversation for fast searching.

Download and Try EasyVoipRecorder

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