Kingsoft Office 2007 Professional - Nice Alternative for MS Office 2007

Main office applications software is Kingsoft Office which provides word processing, spreadsheet and presentation functions. With 7 unique functions, you will enjoy a brand-new working experience

  • Compatible in User Interface---- Kingsoft Office employs XP interface style; therefore users will be acquainted with the software in an instant.
  • Compatible in Using Habit---- Users can preserve their current using habits, and do not need to study Kingsoft Office products at all.
  • Compatible in Security Mode---- No difficulty in reading or writing encrypted files and macro files in Microsoft Office format.
  • Compatible in Office Development ---- compatible in API of Microsoft Office.
  • Space-saving, Installation Pack only occupies 22M, and it only occupies 83M after installation.
  • Networking
  • The users do not need to update Kingsoft Office manually, it can update automatically.
  • Kingsoft Office offers considerable templates and professional documents through the internet for your reference.
  • Guaranteed Security
  • Original document protection technology authorized by KRM, a new technology for document security based on customer-authorization, which is better than traditional coding and meets the demand of document security in a collaborative working environment.
  • The application of our products expanded with the needs
  • API defined and realized by MSAPI is of up to 250 types, fulfilling the expanding needs of customization and secondary development.
  • Seamlessly linked E-government allows the documents to spread freely in the governmental intranets.
  • Supporting 126 languages, including numerous rarely-used and less-popular languages, which allows for free documental communication between countries and regions.
  • Supplies API with as many as 256 kinds of object models and achieves the smooth transplant of OA system.
  • Able to be completely embedded into IE, supporting the application of B/S and C/S, and thus meets the application needs of E-government.
  • Expandable add-ins and controls meet the customers' individualized demands infinitely.
  • PDF Output, Support the output of documents in PDF format and permission settings, which can ensure the complete consistency of the PDF document with the original document.
Download Kingsoft Office 2007 (Free)

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