Need New Look? Online Makeover is fan-taaz-tic is a fun new service aimed at women who want to try out makeup or hairstyles withoutreal-life experimentation. You simply need to upload a photo of your face and map the outlines of your eyes and mouth. It's a fairly standard process that's been used in some other services, including Budweiser's Bud2Bud service that creates customized e-mails using text-to-speech and matching facial animations.

Once your face has been uploaded and analyzed you can adjust the skin, eyes, mouth, and hair using real skin makeup products that accurately match the real life counterparts. It's completely experimental, and when you find a style you like there are options to print it or share it with others. Printing out your creation is especially helpful, as it gives you a detailed shopping list of what products you picked in case you want to bring it to a department store or shop for them online.

I had plenty of fun outfitting my virtual self with nearly ludicrous makeup styles, but clearly there's some potential for someone who knows what they're doing. The same thing could be applied to certain post-processing techniques in online photo editors such as Picnik and Fotoflexer, or online painting tools with paints and other supplies that you could buy in stores.

It is worth noting there was a lack of "emo" makeup styles--which foiled my plans at emo-izing a picture of Toby Mcguire for the sake of making a Spiderman 3 joke in this post. You'll have to settle for this "embarrassed" Hugh Jackman-ish one instead.

Source : Cnet

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