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Google Will Celebrate its10th Anniversary on 7th September

Google, Inc. Google applied for incorporation as a business 10 years ago Thursday, according to a timeline supplied by the company. The application was accepted on Sept. 7, which is Sunday.

In that decade, the search engine company has quickly emerged as the most successful business on the Web, and many expect it to dominate the next era of computing as thoroughly as Microsoft dominated the era of personal computers.

Here’s a quick snapshot of Google by the numbers along with some comparisons to Microsoft. The sources of the data are the companies, Yahoo Finance and comScore.

Google’s age: 10
Microsoft’s age: 33

Google’s revenue in the last 4 quarters: $19.6 billion
Microsoft’s revenue in the last 4 quarters: $60.4 billion

Microsoft’s revenue at age 10: $140 million
($279 million in today’s dollars)

Google’s revenue per hour in the last 4 quarters: $2.2 million
Microsoft’s revenue per hour in the last 4 quarters: $6.9 million

Google net income in the last 4 quarters: $4.85 billion
Microsoft’s net income in the last 4 quarters: $17.6 billion

Google employees, as of June 30th: 19,604
Microsoft employees, as of May 31st: 89,809

Google’s revenue per employee: $1 million
Microsoft revenue per employee: $672,000

Market value of Google: $142 billion
Market value of Microsoft: $241 billion

Number of tech companies with a market value larger than Google’s: 3 (Microsoft, IBM and Apple, in that order)

Worldwide searches on Google in July: 48.7 billion
Worldwide searches on Microsoft in July: 2.3 billion

Worldwide searches per hour on Google in July: 65 million
Worldwide searches per hour on Microsoft in July: 3.1 million
Source New York Times

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Download IE 8.0 Beta 2

Microsoft Corp released on Last week a second test version of Internet Explorer 8, delivering a feature-complete upgrade to the world's most widely used Web browser.

The world's largest software maker said the latest version -- beta 2 -- of Internet Explorer, which has a market share of about 75 percent, comes with new features to enhance privacy, ease-of-use, and security.

Microsoft first released a test -- or beta 1 -- version of IE 8 in March, but that was aimed at letting Web developers take a first look at the new browser. This latest version is aimed at a broader consumer audience.

The company would not disclose when it planned to officially launch IE 8 nor how many people are expected to download the test version of the new browser. It released Internet Explorer 7 in October 2006.

Microsoft has pledged to deliver more regular updates of Internet Explorer, whose lead has been chipped away by Mozilla's Firefox browser.

The latest version of Internet Explorer replicates features found in Firefox 3, the latest version of that Web browser, including a "smart" address bar that remembers and redirects user to website addresses they have visited before.

Internet Explorer 8 also offers a mode called "InPrivate Browsing," which ensures that history, temporary Internet files and cookies are not recorded on a user's PC.

There is also a security feature that allows a user to block content coming from third-parties trying to track and aggregate the user's online behavior.

Microsoft also updated already announced features such as "Activities," which allows a user to use information found on one page, such as an address, in conjunction with an online service such as mapping without leaving the original site.

The latest test release of Internet Explorer 8 is available for download at

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Google Chrome - Google Introduce its Own Web Browser

Google Chrome is a brand new browser by Google. It has alot of features: such as the Security site and UI site. At the UI side, the Chrome seperate each windows into tabs and each tab actually is a process. You can try to open 3 tabs in your Chrome and you will find out 3 child process under your Google Chrome parent process.

This helps to give a boundary to each process so that malware cannot affect other tab or even your browser. Actually the navigation UI very similar to Safari browser. The new tab page even can shown all the recently visited pages or websites and because of each of the tab is separated into process it makes the posibility to detach your tab into new window of Chrome very fast and easy, or vise versa. Omnibox is applied in the address bar. It allow you to key in some related keywords and press “TAB”, some of the auto complete list is listed there.
There are quite number of developer tools or application to help your web development. For example, the Javascript Console and DOM Inspector. Oh, another best thing I like: each of the plugin (for example: Flash plugin, PDF plugin) is separate into different process too. It enables you to close any process individually. For other features, please see here: /wiki/Google_Chrome. Another thing that I was wondering is Google Chrome just introduced today but the Wiki page already ready.

Some improvements are near invisible. For example, each of the tabs in a window will be powered separately. What does it really mean? It means that if one tab gets corrupted, the browser doesn’t crash that making you lose the rest of the tabs as well.

Ready to try it out? Download Google Chrome and let us know what you think. (Chrome is currently available for Windows XP with Service Pack 2 or later and Windows Vista. Mac and Linux versions are being developed, so stay tuned.)
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Tips to Maximize Iphone 3G's Battery Life.

Cnet's Brian Tong shows you how to Maximize your iPhone 3g's Battery life.

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