Track Lost & Stolen Laptops with ADEONA

A freely-available software developed by US researchers promises to track stolen laptops through the Internet, and even click a photograph of the thief.

Engineers at the University of Washington have dubbed the new theft-protection tool ‘Adeona’, after the Roman goddess of safe returns, and it can be downloaded for Linux, Windows, and Mac at

“Adeona is free and easy to install, so anyone who owns a laptop, or even a small company, can use it to track their assets,” said researcher Gabriel Maganis. “We’re really hoping laptop users all over the world will install it on their machines.”

Once Adeona is installed, the notebook PC will occasionally send its Internet protocol address and related information to OpenDHT, a free online storage network. This information can be used to establish the computer’s general location.

On a Mac, Adeona also uses the computer’s internal camera to take a photo that it sends to the same server. All the actions are done discreetly, without letting the user know.

And the information is secure and discreet. Adeona scrambles the data, so it must be deciphered using a password known only by the owner who set up the account.

The technology’s open-source nature also means it could be adapted for use in cellphones and other mobile devices. The boffins say they have already received requests for an iPhone version.
Adeona only requires downloading and installing a small software client. Adeona is free to use.

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